5 May 2020

Crep Check: Quarantine Edition

I have seen a number of articles and shopping guides covering house shoes lately, and maybe it is just me, but the idea of spending a ton on a pair of high fashion slippers seems a bit redundant right now. If you have the money, then by all means ball out, but I thought I would share a few comparatively more affordable options that I have personally worn over the years. Admittedly these are all more expensive than your standard flip flop or fabric slipper, but I like footwear that will last as long as possible and I believe you are getting your money's worth with all of these. If you happen to be the type of person wearing their outdoor shoes around the house right now...feel free to check out the rest of the blog, this might not be for you. But for those who are interested in some comfortable and functional options, here we go!

To be clear, my personal preference is for footwear that is easy to slip on and off, is hard-wearing, provides a relatively decent amount of support, and, if possible, is easy to clean. I grew up in a household where we removed our shoes at the front door and wore slippers around the house. We did not walk around barefoot or in socks alone, so the ability to slip them on and off quickly when trying to curl up on the sofa is important to me. I do not personally wear slippers in my bedroom - it is a strictly footwear-free zone - but that is up to your own preference (unless you one of those people who wears or puts shoes on the bed, in which case, hopefully the pandemic has been teaching you better hygiene practices). These are just some of my choices, but please do go with what works for you - whether it be leather slippers, fuzzy teddy bear slippers, room socks or moccasins.

Not sure when slides and socks became such a big thing, but they are what I wore throughout childhood, so apparently I was fresh as a kid and did not even realise it. Slides are a pretty no nonsense option - as the name suggests you can simply slide them on, they wash easily, and you can go as basic or creative as you like. I actually like the fluffy pink or purple ones that you can get from the likes of the Fenty x Puma collaboration, but that does not really fit into my wardrobe (and I am not sure they actually make my size), so my preferred pair is the black Adilette. The Nike Benassi is another popular option, but it is does not hold its structure, and so ends up looking lopsided and worn out rather quickly. I like the fact that these have at least some attempt at a molded footbed, and I do find them comfortable to wear around the house, although I would not personally wear them outside.

These are fully vegan Birkenstocks with a synthetic felt upper and a microfiber footbed lining. They have a clean indoor slipper design, with a gently curved tongue which I prefer to the elongated tongue on the otherwise visually similar (non-vegan) Davos model. Cosy and comfortable. These are clearly not designed with long walks in mind given the lack of any way to adjust the fit of the upper, however the EVA sole mean that these will last a long time. I do like the fact that so many footwear manufacturers offer vegan options these days, as it provides the consumer with greater choice (although not all of them are necessarily better for the environment, it really does depend on the materials used).

One of the more practical Birkenstock designs out there, because it is made entirely from EVA, making it hard-wearing, lightweight and easy to clean (the material is technically waterproof, although obviously the design means that in practice it is anything but). While it may not have the same feel underfoot as the cork latex footbed of the regular Birkenstocks, these still feel comfortable and supportive. The straps are also practical for getting a good fit and they feel secure when walking. I have worn these outside before for short trips in a pinch, and they are perfectly serviceable, although for that I would prefer the Bostons.

The classic Birkenstock clog, I absolutely love these. The cork latex footbed is comfortable, and these really do mold well to your feet. I find them incredibly hard-wearing, with the EVA sole and the leather upper. The leather is thick, but does not feel uncomfortable, even when fresh out of the box. The strap offers the chance for an adjusted fit, and even I can find a good fit (I have large but thin feet). Pair these with chunky socks during colder months, or wear them barefoot in Summer, and they really do work for every season. They do a "soft" footbed option that I have never tried before, but I am curious about. These work well if you want something you can wear outdoors too, although I have tended to use them as gardening shoes rather than as proper outdoor footwear.

Same as above, but in a wool felt material, which is far more pliable and cosy. The felt stays in good condition for a surprisingly long time, although it is more difficult to clean than the leather clogs, which you can simply wipe with a wet cloth. I do like these for wearing around the house though because they are super snuggly.

Love them or hate them, there is no denying that Crocs are massively comfortable. They have also enjoyed a bit of a fashionable moment the past few seasons with designer collaborations and all manner of charms that you can plug into those vent holes. The heel strap can be swung forward when you want a simple clog, or used to secure the heel when you mean business. Seriously, if you have never tried a pair on before, try them out, you will be amazed. Imagine the first time you tried on a pair of Ultraboost, but in clog form.

These are actually my preferred Crocs, because I find them far more practical. These are designed for working environments, and I do seem to find them less fatiguing on the feet when wearing them all day (that might just be in my head, but hey, placebos work). I prefer the closed upper because it means that they are more practical in the kitchen or garden in case of spills, although they do have vents on the side for air flow. These just look a little more refined than the standard Croc...well, not exactly refined, but a bit less like shoes designed for toddlers. I have worn these to hospital before and seen a number of nurses wearing the same ones, and if it is good enough for them running around for hours on end saving lives, then they suit me perfectly fine.

I should probably add at this point that while I have chosen black and grey models, these all come in a variety of colours, so feel free to find a colorway that suits your tastes!


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  1. I didn't know that Crocs did a version that looks less like a kids shoe. Actually looks quite smart! Thanks very much for this post - I like to wear slippers indoors (as my flat is cold), but my feet quickly overheat so I have trouble finding something that's the perfect balance of comfort with a little warmth, plus also easy to clean. Think I might have to explore some of these options further.