26 December 2018

Episode 09 - "Thank U, Next Year"

Episode 09
"Thank U, Next Year"

The podcast is back! Hope you all had a beautiful Christmas, and are currently snuggled up and feeling content. What a year it has been. I know people say that every year, but this year has been pretty darn hectic and unpredictable. In this episode I look at some of the bigger fashion stories of this year (...and just my luck, the Raf Simons departure from Calvin Klein was announced a few hours after I finished recording!). So curl up, or go for a run, or wash the dishes, or whatever it is you do while listening, and we'll talk about social media, Off White Nikes, that Zara jacket, and Kanye West being even more Kanye West than we knew Kanye West could be.

Hope you enjoy the episode!



  1. The Hedi Slimane wave, it's the same damn wave. It was great in one era, but I don't see the point of him designing for brands when he makes the same thing no matter where he is at.

    1. For real, it is just the same thing again and again - no longer fashion, no longer original, just identical clothing with a different name on the label each time. I used to compare him to Karl, and Raf to YSL, but at least Karl changes up with each house.