18 October 2018

Autumn Shades

Vogue Italia (October 2018)
Photographer: Sarah Moon
Stylist: Jacob K
Model: Rianne Van Rompaey

I tend to classify fashion photographers by season for some reason. It is difficult to describe the way in which I come to each conclusion, but something about the mood of their work usually makes me think primarily of one season. Sarah Moon's work feels like Autumn to me. Hard to put into words exactly why really, but in a similar vein - Deborah Turbeville is Winter, Tim Walker is Spring, and Erik Madigan Heck is Summer. That probably sounds completely nonsensical, but hopefully someone else does something similar! And if not, then I hope you find this editorial suitably Autumnal nonetheless - it's layering season and these are some pretty amazing coats. Also, I know I say it every year, but perhaps this is the Autumn that I finally try something pumpkin spiced to see what all the fuss is about.


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