10 July 2017

Episode 06 - Leave the ticket, take the cannoli

Episode 06
"Leave the ticket, take the cannoli"

In the latest episode of my podcast I discuss some of the issues raised from the explosive Vestoj interview with Lucinda Chambers, who served as Fashion Director at British Vogue for 25 years. The interview was published, pulled the same day, re-uploaded the next day and has now been published in an amended form following legal talk. You can read that amended version here (the original version can still be found online, if you are willing to look - alternatively I have it saved and can send it to anyone who requests). The two main issues I cover are that of the utility of fashion magazines like Vogue, and the problematic relationship between advertisers and publications and why we need greater transparency in fashion journalism and critique.

Hope you enjoy. And please go buy Vestoj.


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