3 April 2017

Spring Sunshine

"New Moon"
Vogue Germany (April 2017)
Photographer: Sarah Moon
Model: Sophie Katherine Jones
Editor: Patti Wilson

The Spring sunshine has finally come to London. We have had some nice sunny days as of late, and it has been enjoyable seeing trees and plants coming back to life on my short walks. There seems to be new activity and new blooms almost every time I go out, which makes me smile (and happens to provide material for my daily Instagram posts). I am happy that I can now sit outdoors comfortably for long periods of time and read. In between reading I often find myself taking my glasses off and just sitting there with my eyes closed and face turned towards the sun. My health is improving slowly but surely, and that is a really comforting fact, although I still have a lot of work to do. As busy as things get, always remember to take pleasure in the small things, they are what help bring you back to life.


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  1. I'm happy for you feeling better and stronger. Your flowergrams are lovely.