22 November 2016

Future is Now

Y-3 Autumn/Winter 2016
Shot for Hypebae
Photographer: Kara Chung
Model: Yana V
Stylist: Rebecca Lam
Make Up: Kidd Sun

Y-3 enables Yohji to expand a vision that occupies the space between fashion and sportswear, which is actually the very essence of sneakerhead culture. The clothing and shoes give the promise of technological advancement and perfomance enhancement that are inherent in the marketing of most sneakers. But rather than focusing this implied benefit towards sporting activity, it is aimed quite squarely at lifestyle. Yes, you can wear Y-3 at the gym and to participate in any number of sports, but the truth is that the line is primarily sold and bought as a streetwear label. I enjoyed this editorial because it focuses on what I consider the natural home of Y-3 - not on the track, but on the city streets. Warm concrete, cold metal, these photographs can be read to represent just about any city on Earth. The urban environment is one that engenders an ever-changing sense of identity, so perhaps sportswear becomes the armour that is the easiest to employ in the face of this instability. Always ready to move. And of course it has to be black.


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