18 May 2016

Talking To Myself Podcast - Episode 01

As the blog enters its eighth year I thought it would be nice to have a slightly more relaxed space in which to talk about fashion and cover a range of topics that I might not otherwise get to cover in writing on the blog. So please allow me to introduce the first episode of a podcast project I have decided to call Talking To Myself. I thought a podcast would be a fun way of expanding the blog, and the format is such that you can listen in any place and at any time. I think that I would like to keep these episodes to under half an hour, just so that it remains focused and you can pick up and play when you have the time. While the first few episodes will be a solo affair, hence the name, I would love to be able to invite guests to collaborate in the future, so if any of you want to get involved and have a fun chat, please do let me know.

I hope you enjoy the first episode, and please do share it if you do!

Love you all,




  1. Rather enjoyed listening to this, generally don't listen to podcasts but this was nice and brief without being too involved. If you ever wanna talk about Japanese designers/Rei/Yohji/interesting designers, hit me up


  2. Jake: Thank you so much! And heck yeah, will have a Japanese designer podcast in the future hopefully, will hit you up :)