27 March 2016

A Romantic Getaway

Autumn/Winter 2016

Wishing you all a very happy Easter.
Hope you and your loved ones are having a lovely weekend.

I miss the romanticism of Ann Demeulemeester since Meunier took over, but thankfully Aganovich more than make up for the loss. This collection is beautiful.



  1. oh yes, these belong in some victorian or edwardian, i dont know anymore, movie. Absolutely stunning, perfect hair/makeup to suit the looks.

  2. P: I know right? Even if you remove the theatrics of the runway, the pieces still stand on their own, and seem far easier to incorporate into a wardrobe than Haider's womenswear (his menswear on the other hand is surprisingly easy it turns out!).

  3. That reminds me of 'Shakespeare in Love' - I watched it several times. The attire and looks do take us back to time.