22 January 2016

A Fluid Progression

Autumn/Winter 2016

I am not entirely sure why I never paid more attention to Margaret Howell's work in the past, but the last few collections really have gone from strength to strength and her latest show was my favourite from London Fashion Week. Regular readers will know how I love designers who continually refine their own aesthetic, and indeed, without feeling the need to somehow bring a new story to her latest collection, Howell presented a nice continuation of her Spring/Summer 2016 collection. Here however the trousers were unbelted and cropped higher, which to my eye allowed them to fall in a far more pleasing fashion, especially where it was paired with a slightly slouchier top block. To be honest there was something wonderfully awkward about the fit of the trousers that I really enjoyed, and I am looking forward to hopefully trying them on once the collection hits the stores. They look like they should be fun to walk around it and I am curious to see how they feel in movement. I almost always have my trousers rolled up or cuffed, so trying on more cropped pairs, with their streamline ending, should also be interesting.

The styling with the scarves also made me smile because it felt so familiar - I owned so many silk and pashmina shawls and scarves growing up, that tying one over a shirt and cardigan seems perfectly natural. I prefer the deeper, richer tones to the lighter blues and beiges, and it would be a good way of introducing a little more colour into my wardrobe, as I do with most of my accessories. Call it the Haider effect, but I have been wanting to add some deeper jewel tones to pair with my all black for a while now. That being said, I would happily wear any of these looks as is, and do indeed wear variations of them quite regularly. I think I definitely need to try on more of Howell's work and see how it feels. Even from the perspective of the viewer I feel that the clothes look invitingly comfortable, and it is that feeling I primarily tend to look for in clothes. Oh, and call me vain, but I do enjoy seeing curly haired models on the catwalk.  


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