12 September 2015

Using Colour

"Such Stuff As Dreams Are Made On"
October 2015
Photographer: Erik Madigan Heck
Model: Audrey Marnay
Stylist: Leith Clark

I love colour, but my wardrobe is black and white. That probably sounds odd, but it feels natural for me. I have nothing against adding colour to my wardrobe, but as of yet, it has not felt quite right. The way I would describe it is that I would only wear colour if it felt like the colour itself had meaning, rather than wearing colour for colour's sake. You look at the photography of someone like Erik Madigan Heck, or Sarah Moon, and the use of colour is beautifully deliberate. Here he is not using colour to create his images because it is the norm, but because he actively wants to explore the use of colour. That conscious choice is how I approach colour in clothing - if I wear it, it is because I want to explore the idea, but I am not there yet. Then again, I may never be, and that's ok too because it all helps me better understand my own relationship with clothing.


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