24 September 2015


Autumn/Winter 2015

Fun fact: my favourite colour is red. That being said, I do not really own anything red, apart from a pair of red socks and some red plant pots (I also have my eye on a rather spectacular blood red rex begonia). Bright red in particular does no favours for my complexion, but I would not rule out a darker red making its way into my wardrobe in the future (thanks Haider). Needless to say I smiled when I saw Boris' Autumn/Winter 2015 collection with that exceptionally vivid red, standing out so beautifully against his usual black. Or at least, what I thought was his usual black, but then looking back, Boris is no stranger to pops of colour - we have the electric blues of the latest Spring/Summer 2016 collection and those golden oranges of Spring/Summer 2014. What I enjoy about his use of colour is that he approaches it in very much the same way that Ann Demeulemeester used to - these bold rays of light that stood their ground against the totality of black and white, without fading into the background or playing second fiddle. It is a very hard balance to reach, because of how visually domineering black and white can be, so you need to really punch the colour. Done wrong it can look gimmicky, but here I think Boris gets it totally right. I might not rush out to buy a red leather jacket or red t-shirt this season, but maybe a pair of red leather shoes might be worth looking into (although I do really want to try on that red apron too).


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