22 October 2013

A Mindful Moment

Spring/Summer 2013
Photographer: Andrew Dryden
Model: Nicole Avalos

The busier things get, the more luxurious and refreshing it is to have time to simply stop and breathe. In that moment you forget about the past, you forget about the future, you exist purely in the here and now. It is the only time any of us truly have, yet something that flies past all too easily in the chaos of our daily lives. I think I may take some out of my day to sit and watch the leaves fall. Not think about the things I have to do, or the things I have already done, or other times I have seen leaves fall, but really sit and watch. To truly experience the moment is a beautiful thing.


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  1. Hello DK :)
    I hope all things are great with you.
    I'm trying to start blogging again and I will host a link up party evry Sundays.
    Would you like to join me? I hope so
    All the best