15 March 2013

In Full Bloom

Paris - Friday 26.11.10
Photographer: Sarah Moon
Stylist: Valentina Ilardi Martin
Model: Georgina Stojiljkovic
Issue IV (Spring/Summer 2011)

If you had to sum it up, what would you say that photography has meant to you? 
I think that it's perhaps the only way to learn how to see. It is an intensely individual vision and I think that every child should learn how to take pictures. Ten different people taking a shot of the same flower will produce ten unique images. By repetition, the image gradually becomes more precise and you slowly build up your own style - often the artist himself is not conscious of what he is doing. Words are a poor substitute for the actual photograph, which must speak for itself. You can talk about your approach, but not about the art itself. I find it difficult to grade my pictures in terms of quality, to say what is good and bad, and I have a terrible problem in choosing photographs for a book or exhibition. Possibly, this is because once a photograph has arrived, I feel that I no longer identify with it properly, because it has already led me off on a path to something else. I have progressed away from it.
[Sarah Moon in conversation with Pat Booth - full interview here]

Simply Beautiful - Arto Lindsay



  1. Love the almost "painterly" quality of these photographs! I always find it interesting to see hyper-realistic paintings or drawings and then photographs that looks like paintings.


  2. So fascinating beautiful!Sarah Moon is the best!

  3. Just SO amazing! Love these photos.

  4. Sarah Moon's work is always breathtaking. And what an incredible interview! xxx

  5. Love that acid yellow with the burgundy! She has a very interesting sensibility!

  6. i think i know what i like but then why don't i like it later on? because we are critical, do we need to be? i guess we do to improve but then whose to say if it's better. it's confusing.

    you don't half make my brain work syed