14 February 2013

Worth Every Thorn

Autumn/Winter 2013
[Runway images via WWD]
[Detail images via NYMag]

Wishing you a beautiful Valentine's Day.

All my love,




  1. Happy Valentine's Day! Syed❤❤❤
    Hope somebody give me roses or chocolate today!

  2. Happy Valentine's day Syed!

  3. now that's the way to do it. enjoy.

  4. Do you like these Thom Browne's collection? Mmmmm somehow, I feel too much. Sophisticated. But too decorative ,too extreme,too cute.Can't explain why I don't like.
    Looking forward to seeing next your blog:)Hope soon.

  5. M: That is actually exactly why I like it. Thom knows the power of showmanship and collections like this prove it. Whether it or not anybody will wear this, or even if most of the pieces make it to production undiluted (or at all), is probably besides the point.

    I appreciate designers who can show collections like this, even if they can't always make it to the stores. Someone like Rei is able to show and actually sell the more conceptual pieces because of how large the CdG empire is - the money elsewhere affords her that creative freedom.

    I wish more designers had the financial security to explore and take their ideas further. Imagine what Theyskens, or Lacroix, or Ghesquiere could create with that freedom.

    Oh and the new post is the works, but I'm having a bit of a difficult time writing :(

  6. I agree with you that designer should not compromise their design if they can afford in financially . I don't know how many people love these Thom's collection but I know definitely there are people who fall in love in these clothing. Talented anyway.

  7. Obsessed with the collection, completely stunning. What a great V-Day post!

  8. the silhouettes, even the colors and patterns seem McQueen-ish to me...

  9. I noticed Michelle Obama wore Thom's coat at inauguration.I wonder how it changes his career.