5 February 2013

At A Crossroads

Autumn/Winter 2006 Campaign
Photographer: Willy Vanderperre
Models: Tayla Collins & Mariya Markina
(images via The Style Registry)

"For me, I think that the 21st century almost doesn't allow the beauty of something really small and out of the spotlight. I deal now with two labels - my own, which is a very small label, and Jil, which is a very big corporate business label. I see the difference, and every day I work there I think - What is now best for me? Because I like both very much. My own mentality is to make it small, like my own environment. In that sense I relate to what you were saying because I enjoy just working with my people every day. But our society doesn't allow that. Our society wants things to grow, and our society wants things to become bigger and bigger. Everything has to be put under the spotlight."

"Is the motivation business? Is the motivation to keep the audience interested? Are we going to come to a point where the new is not going to be able to be new anymore? Because it's such an important word in fashion, the word new. And it makes me think a lot, because I deal with one brand that has always tried to be about the new and [one] that has always been dealing with coherence. Jil Sander has always been a very coherent brand. Jil as a person had no desire to be in the middle point of the fashion arena to catch attention. But I see, also, that the audience is in this moment looking for that. It is something you have to deal with if you are responsible for a business, and you will be criticized and adored. You cannot have adoration without being criticized."

Raf Simons in conversation with Kanye West
(full interview here)



  1. love those photographs



  2. I understand Raf Simons said. I think that is happy dilemma.

    I hope Uniqlo makes J.Sander's clothing again.