4 December 2012

Quiet Comfort

^ Love this image ^

Autumn/Winter 1998 Campaign
Photographer: Peter Lindbergh
Models: Esther Cañadas & Mark Vanderloo
(scanned by missbluejean)

I have never understood the idea of suffering for fashion. There are too many unavoidable sources of suffering in life to consciously spend the day in shoes that make you wince with each step, or a coat that looks gorgeous but leaves your teeth chattering, or skipping meals just to afford a pair of trousers. Someone who is actually comfortable will almost always look better, after all a scowl of pain is hardly flattering even on the most beautiful. But as is often the case where fashion and dress are concerned people can take the opposing view to equally drastic extremes. Finding the middle ground is for me not necessarily a matter of aesthetic exploration, but rather the search for a feeling. Perhaps paradoxically, where an outward material manifestation is after all concerned, it is for me about seeking to feel right before necessarily seeking to look right (whatever that really even means). In order to foster an environment where that goal is easier to bring about, I think more time is needed before purchasing a garment. A wardrobe that is well-edited, regardless of how small or large it actually is, makes it easier to dress. You already know each piece works well together, thus allowing you to spend more time figuring out what feels right for that day. The more thought that goes before the action, the more confident we can be in the results of that action.



  1. I enjoyed your essay as well.

    We shouldn't suffer for fashion. Sometimes I encounter the clothing that I really want to get . But most of the time,I don't buy.Because simply can not afford. I get used to:)

    DKNY is not my type of fashion,but these photos you posted are so lovely.I like the style girl is walking too.Actually I am wearing this kind of clothing everyday.And I put apron on when I am in home.

  2. This made me happy. I like simple, comfortable fashion, and I absolutely adore shades of grey in a wardrobe.

  3. i totally agree, i can't be bothered messing around with uncomfortable shoes, items that are too tight or always trying to dress differently to the day before by compromising something necessary. that why I feel my own style is getting better, as I know what feels good on me. Maybe I do look normal, but I feel good doing it.

  4. love this comfortable look.


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