15 October 2012

The Golden Age

Spring/Summer 2013
Photography by Olivier Schawalder 

It is always nice to see Rick do colour, especially in such a sophisticated manner. For his new Lilies collection he returned to the 1930's, taking inspiration from glamourous old Hollywood starlets and re-envisioning them in his typically relaxed style. I have to admit that I rather like how unashamedly feminine the collection is - something that is not always the case with the more puissant women he presents on the runway. It was also nice to see the wigs from Island featuring in the look book, providing such a strong visual direction, especially when coupled with the neoprene tailoring. As is often the case where his Lilies collections are concerned the almost sculptural draping makes me think immediately of Madame Grès, who is after all Rick's favourite designer.



  1. His sculptural draping clothing make women look feminine and elegant.
    Make sense Madame Gres is Rick's favorite designer.I love her dress too.

  2. Love the unique and classic look of this designer. Very cool update!

  3. first time i've seen these, would never have guessed it was RO. nice surprise

  4. The way his tailed jacket curves at the back, it drives my lady boner nuts.