31 October 2012

Suit Up

^ I love this image ^

"Jagger Edge"
W Magazine (June 1995)
Photographer: Satoshi Saikusa
Fashion Editor: Michel Botbol
Model: Laurie Bird
(via TFS)

I own a blazer, I own trousers, but I have yet to find a suit. And so I hunt for my perfect wool gabardine suit (a Yohji suit in size 3 seems about right). A suit you can wear with a black longsleeve t-shirt to pick up groceries, but one that you can also wear with a simple white shirt for when going out for dinner. It sounds like it challenge, but in reality there are more than enough designs to fit the bill. You simply have to find what works best for you. Of course there will be more suits to come, but to start with, something simple - armour, uniform, an everyday suit. Anonymity until the second look.



  1. i'm 17 and never owned a suit that i'm happy with. had a few from charity shops when i was younger but i just can't get it right. i feel your anguish

  2. Yohji's suit(of course you pick black color!) must be very stylish and good on you.
    And that suit would be your favorite forever.After suit become old.You still would enjoy that oldness.

    Favorite clothing is a joy.

  3. That Chanel sweater is to die for - I love all of these looks (and love that you're listening to The Glitch Mob, darling!).

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