22 October 2012

Style Feed

'Style Feed - The World's Top Fashion Blogs'
Blogs selected by Susie Bubble
(Published by Prestel

A few months ago I received an email from William Oliver with regards to a project on fashion blogs he was doing with Susie, asking me if I wanted to get involved. After rereading the email several times to make sure that it was indeed addressed to me, I replied that I would be delighted to take part. 'Style Feed - The World's Top Fashion Blogs' is a comprehensive look at the world of fashion and style blogging, featuring a wide array of bloggers chosen by Susie, who also provides an insightful foreword to the volume. The book is full with a delightful collection of images and interviews with lots of the bloggers you know and some you may just want to check out. A massive thanks to William and Susie for letting me take part, and also congratulations to them for the finished book. Please do check it out if you get the chance.

Available at Urban Outfitters in-store or online.
(You can also buy a copy at Amazon or at any other good bookstore)




  1. Wow,woo hoo~ you are in
    "The World's Top Fashion Blogs ":D
    Your pages are lovely!( you have beautiful hands !)Post more yourself photo please♥

    "Style Bubble" are one of few blogs that I check.

    I often listen " Baleen Morning" since you posted while ago.I like this version too.Soothing.

  2. can you believe it! i cannot, i read the email many times, couldn't work out if it was real or not but it sure turned out well. i haven't got a copy yet so seeing this post have made me v. excited. we're in great company

  3. omg youre in the book!! congrats! ive been meaning to get the book. ill probably have to get it at urban or something. im so happy for you!!

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