4 August 2012

A Weekend Ride

I love this image.

Shadow Rider
October 2010
Photographer: Craig McDean
Fashion Editor: Karl Templar
Model: Xander

It is not particularly practical to skate in a long coat, but it does produce some rather interesting photographs. I really enjoy images of fabric caught in movement, unfurling in the wind or around the body. Clothing comes alive only once worn, for without a body beneath it, it is but an empty shell. The garment drapes, flows, twists, wraps, falls around the body - it is a constantly shifting dynamic between body and cloth. Even when it is hot I prefer to cover up in baggy clothing rather than bare skin in more fitted clothing, because the feel of the wind rippling across, and sneaking through, a lightweight fabric is one of those small pleasures that make me smile. It is like greeting an old friend.


  1. maybe not practical but so right, it's makes for great movement of the the fabrics. wish i took up boarding when i was young enough not to look daft learning

  2. That first image. Wow.

    My brothers skateboard and I've always thought that skateboard fashion is rather lacking in creativity. Have you visited http://skartorialist.blogspot.ca/ ? Pretty funny treating skate fashion like high fashion...


  3. I like camera angles.Overcoat looks like mantle!

    Wow, I found you with Yohji in tumblr!
    totemo kawaii:D
    My morning became happy by this :D