6 July 2012

A Welcome Surprise

Spring/Summer 2013

The main shows are over, and so now I sit and ruminate over the collections. As is usually the case, I may be at it for some time, but these things require a certain amount of researching and reading. I always enjoy finding out more about a collection, what went into it, where the inspiration came from, why the designer chose that direction. I think it allows for a greater appreciation, or at least an understanding of what the designer was trying to express. Of course it is always important to note your initial gut reaction, so that you can see how your feelings develop or change, and thus perhaps gain a greater insight into how your own tastes change.

As it were, for me, some hit the mark (Yohji), some missed the mark (Damir), some are slowly growing on me (Ann), and so the cycle carries on. There are a select group of designers whose work I follow closer than others, simply because they design the clothing I would and do personally wear. However I thought today I would simply post a collection that I did not expect to enjoy, but ended up being blown away by. As much as I admire the work of Nicolas Ghesquière, I have never really paid any great attention to his menswear shows. They are admittedly always beautifully put together, but for whatever reason (actually a very specific set, however I save that for another day) never quite to my taste. Thankfully however the new collection forced me to pay attention, and I am glad that I did, because I loved what I saw.



  1. I like these very basic and very hip suits!

  2. Every time I see collections with well-tailored suits I lament the fact that not enough men wear a good suit anymore. Especially not in the Arizona desert.

    Oh what I wouldn't have given to be born into Cary Grant/Jimmy Stewart film.