17 July 2012

Out Of Time

Tuesday, May 24th, 2011
Photographer: Sybille Walter
Stylist: Samuel Drira
Back To Japan
no. 27 / 2012

I really ought to try and use a scanner.

Lately I have been looking through scans of fashion editorials from the late '80s and early '90s and marveled at how relevant the more directional shoots still are. And so the various editorials in the recent Back To Japan issue of Encens rather paradoxically, at least upon first consideration, looked back in order to look forward. It is in its way a rather reassuring state of affairs. I do not think it is necessarily about nostalgia, because nostalgia has that inherent sense of melancholy about things as they once were. Instead I like to think of this looking back to look forward as a process of continuation - of things still alive, still developing, still evolving. Look back, there is so much there to learn from.



  1. Look back in order to look forward. Exactly!

    I enjoy these photos.
    Just one thing I don`t like is chopstick is used as hair accessory.Somehow odd for me.

    Dogs in video are so cute!

  2. Love these images - they actually look very 80s - a mixture of punk and new romantic influence.

    Thanks for sharing!


  3. M>: Yeah, it did seem like a slightly lazy visual shorthand, but given how short the editorial was, I think they probably wanted to make sure it was overtly done.

  4. The idea of wrapping net on the head is from Ninja?LOL!(But why I can not laugh for chopstick on the head.)

    Anyway,I like these 80`s atomosphere images created by 2011`s sense. Worked out Eouropean fashions with Japanese essence.

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  7. where do you usually find these shoots?