13 July 2012


(photograph courtesy of my brother)



  1. I saw AKIRA when it came out. Yes,long time ago.What I remember was powerful music and powerful animetion.

    I think Tetsuo (It means iron man)is very good name.

    Is your brother Japanese animation otaku?(kidding!)

  2. M: Yes, the soundtrack is amazing! Ha and not quite, although he is a bit of an obsessive - Bleach, Cowboy Bebop, Ghost In The Shell, 20th Century Boys, Lupin the Third, etc., etc.

  3. He must love manga too.I read Death Note,FuiimetalAlchemist.Inuyasha.

    My daughter loves manga and anime so much.And she goes comicon sometimes.

    She gave me a long list of manga that she want to let me buy whenever I go back to Japan.

    Nowadays manga and anime are very sophisticated.

  4. Definitely! I love Full Metal Alchemist, although it is an incredibly sad story :( And yay for Death Note! L is so cool.

  5. Wow,I can talk about my favorite manga with you!

    I wrote "I love L",but I deleted,because I thought you might not read it.

    FMA is incredible story.Very sad,very beautiful.All kids should read !

    I love theme song of FMA.You can sing along :D

  6. Haha, L rocks! And yeah FMA is really beautiful, but it always makes me cry. Definitely one of those things I think everyone should read at least once!

  7. Same here.I cried for many scenes(happy tears and sad tears).Awww I want read FMA now:D