18 June 2012

A Tactile Delight

Fall/Winter 2012
(images via Fashionsnap)

Clothing materializes our social skin - people see us, they see our faces, they see our dress.  It allows people to situate us, and to glean some sense of our identity, both social and personal.  Whether you dress primarily for yourself or for those who will see you (invariably a combination of both, although it may tip to one side or the other), the fact remains that we spend the majority of our lives in dress.  Clothing has become our second skin.  Our actual skin is the largest organ in our body, with the average square inch holding over one thousand nerve endings.  And so we feel.  We feel a tough raw denim, we feel a pre-washed flannel, we feel a coarse and scratchy wool, we feel a delicately spun silk.  We spend our lives covered in fabric, so it seems to me a natural urge to want to find the most beautiful and interesting textures and fabrics possible.  How does this fabric feel against the skin, how does that fabric feel against the skin?  Of course it goes hand in hand with how the garment is cut, how it fits, how it drapes, not to even mention practical considerations, but there is a magic in trying on a garment that feels just right.  It is comforting, it is secure, it is beautiful.



  1. i just wrote an essay on the topic

  2. a: Would love to read it if possible! Shoot an email my way?

  3. Enjoy to read your essay as well.We like flannel touch in cold day, and we like linen touch in hot day.I like waffle fabric touch after bath:D

    Comfortableness is important . But I like wool. Even though if it itches little bit,I tolerate.

    Blue color shirt and dress in photos are so beautiful!

  4. Thank you so much for your comment!

    All you wrote is so true. Great post (^_^)


  5. your posts leave me wishing i had the same passion for writing as you, not saying i wish i could write like your but more saying a wish i could write with grace like you. seems like a really interesting subject too and not one i really think about but i'm quite sure i will do from now on.

    the blazers seem quite naff to me these days but maybe that's because you can't move for them. i do know what you mean though, the Montreal seem more charming for the treatment. shame about the not knowing about the cake case, it's lovely.

    the comment about touching the rubber is now freaky at all, i feel the same way!

  6. What a fine post. And look at all of those textures! So lovely!

  7. Re: haha yeah I agree, its not often I'm alone at the gym so that time was awesome haha... Otherwise if I'm stilll there like 5-10min before closing I'm usually always alone which is awesome :P