25 June 2012

Forget Me Not

Spring/Summer 2009


"You live wherever you live,
you do whatever work you do,
you talk however you talk,
you eat whatever you eat,
you wear whatever clothes you wear, 
you look at whatever images you see...


of a person,
of a thing,
of a place.

The word itself gives me shivers.
It rings of calm, comfort, contentedness.
What is it, identity?
To know where you belong?
To know your self worth?
To know who you are?
How do you recognize identity?
We are creating an image of ourselves,
we are attempting to resemble this image...
Is that what we call identity?
The accord
between the image we have created
of ourselves
Just who is that, "ourselves"?

We live in the cities.
The cities live in us...
time passes.
We move from one city to another,
from one country to another.
We change languages,
we change habits,
we change opinions,
we change clothes,
we change everything.
Everything changes. And fast."

Wim Wenders, Notebook On Cities And Clothes (1989)


You can wear a garment from Yohji that is a decade old, pair it with a garment from Yohji that is a year old, pair it with a garment from Yohji that is current season, and it just feels right.

Clothing to wear, clothing to live in, clothing to love.




  1. Very unique! Love that last quote about clothing too.

  2. Extraordinary! For sure. Such a rich commentary you gave us, too.

  3. Am I a only person to think grandpa age models look more cool than young models?I like blue color Yohji picks.

  4. M: I love the fact that Yohji's menswear shows have all types of men - old, young, short, tall, fat, thin, etc. I wish he would do the same with his womenswear shows! And definitely think the more mature models are way cooler than the younger ones. Might do a post related to that somehow in the future.

  5. Syed: I would love Yohji's clothing more if I get know he use many variation of woman models.Does he?

    And I think any kind of people who like sort of fashion you post can enjoy your blog .

    ---From your mature blog reader:D

    PS: CDG was making skirt in 1988 already!

  6. Syed:I made mistake again ,not 1988, 1998 is correct.So innovative!