22 May 2012

A Summer Blazer

(I had to bump the exposure up on this image to highlight the details)

Blazer: Comme des Garçons Homme Plus
Longsleeve and Cardigan: Uniqlo
Trousers: Black Comme des Garçons
Creepers: Clarks Originals

A few months ago I wrote a post about my decision to start looking for a blazer to add to my wardrobe.  Given that the smarter end of my wardrobe is comprised mainly of Comme des Garçons pieces, I decided that it would be the perfect place to start my search.  Whilst I had initially thought of beginning at the Fall/Winter end of the spectrum, it quickly became apparent that my first blazer would have to be suitable for Spring/Summer, otherwise it would be relegated to life solely on the rail for the next several months.  Although I have no issue with buying pieces off-season, given that I did not yet own a blazer of any kind, it seemed odd not to buy something I could wear and get a feel of straight away.  And so, after a number of weeks searching, I was lucky enough to find this Spring/Summer 1998 Comme des Garçons Homme Plus blazer for a very nice price.

The blazer is half-lined and made from an extremely lightweight dark blue wool.  It features two side pockets, a breast pocket, and two inner breast pockets, all of which are roomy, adding a nice amount of carry space (the personal importance of which I also wrote a post about).  The blazer has four buttons, which when fully buttoned can either be worn with the collar flipped up, or slightly turned down for a work jacket appearance.  However I have thus far only really worn it with the lapels folded over, giving it a typical three button look.  The shoulders have a soft drape, with only the slightest of padding, and the fit is that typical Comme cut - nice and boxy, aided by the lack of any vents to the body.  Due to the lightness of the wool the blazer gets rumpled easily, which I think is a rather nice touch given the soft drape and roomy fit of the piece.

With regards to the outfit above, I think it could have been improved with a longsleeve that was a touch darker in colour and had a slightly lower neckline.  Otherwise I think it could work with a soft collar shirt left open, or a collarless shirt.  I actually had a collarless shirt I was rather attached to, however due to a case of swapped parcels it currently resides in a town just outside of Gilgit.  Whilst I am sure its current home has rather more interesting scenery than it would have here, I do rather wish I could get it back.  As for the next blazer I would like to add to my wardrobe, I am considering something with a slightly more structured look and made using a heavier weight fabric - perhaps a boiled wool, or the thick polyester that Comme do so well.  I am also thinking a full suit might in order, albeit one that can be styled with either a t-shirt or shirt beneath.  Essentially an everyday suit that is comfortable and easy to wear.  Somehow I think Yohji may have the answer...



  1. i really like it, looks like a really good choice for your wardrobe and striped back style right now. on a side note i've been after that lambswool cardigan for about two years, they never seemed to have small when i went in and now it's long gone. i' always on ebay looking for oen

  2. You definitely make this work!

  3. This is so cool. Such a great find to share.

  4. I love your style! Beautiful blazer. Very basic but very hip. Style never become old. CDG's indigo color is Japanese traditional blue color "Ai".Deep and dense.

  5. Bummer about the misplaced package. The jacket looks good on you. It's funny to read about you not having a jacket or full suit, when some years ago it was a different story :) I think I remember an interview another blog did with you and you had this gorgeous grey suit.