11 May 2012

A Love Story

Comme des Garçons
Fall/Winter 2009

Number (N)ine
Fall/Winter 2009

I found you and I lost you,
All on a gleaming day.
The day was filled with sunshine,
And the land was full of May.

A golden bird was singing,
Its melody divine,
I found you and I loved you,
And all the world was mine.

I found you and I lost you,
All on a golden day,
But when I dream of you, dear,
It is always brimming May. 

Paul Laurence Dunbar, A Golden Day


  1. CDG , fascinating ! Love chiffon.
    Number (N)ine.I can't tell these clothing's are for men or woman.(I guess for man) Doesn't matter probably.I like it.

  2. I was lucky enough to have tried on a few of the pieces from this collection. Unfortunately, I couldn't justify forking over $1000 for a piece that would last a few wears. The fabrics are so uber delicate that I can't imagine incorporating them into everyday wear. Maybe when I'm rich and old with a chauffeur, I'll get to wear CDG all day.

  3. Ah such an awesome collection, all the details, materials and structures are so fascinating. It's not often when you see a collection and think, 'I could look at this all day'.