30 May 2012

Back And Forth

Photography by Sarah Moon
Clothing by Kris Van Assche
(images via HommeModel)

These days it seems as if one could quite easily mix Dior Homme and Kris Van Assche pieces together on the runway and it would all look like the same collection.  Although, that being said, I actually prefer Van Assche's work at his namesake far more to his work at Dior Homme.  Indeed whilst on a seasonal basis I sometimes find myself flitting between the two, considering the issue over several seasons I just feel far more drawn to his namesake label.  I think it may have to do with the greater freedom allowed when designing for your own line as opposed to the line of a major house.  Yes the financial backing and production numbers are nowhere near the same, but in a way I think that constraint probably allows for a better focus, and a requirement (and freedom) to make something with a far stronger direction.  His own line tends to have a certain relaxed aesthetic, which for me is a lot more inviting than the colder, and almost uninvolved, recent Dior Homme collections (the less said about Fall/Winter 2012 the better).  I have to admit that I wish that he could just quit the big house and focus on his namesake.  Although whilst we are considering that idea, I rather wish Raf Simons would do the same... 



  1. It is interesting that designer's design become little different by where the designer is working for. But it makes sense. Fashion is business too, you have to think financial things. I like these clothing's. I want to know what kind of color this print is.

    I love Sarah Moon.I haven't seen her works since I went to her exhibition long time ago in Tokyo (maybe 30 years ago! ).I am glad to see her recent works. Very beautiful. Chic and retro looking,very French.

    Thank you,