7 April 2012

"Perfection is ugly"

Knuts About Yohji
Spring/Summer 2011
Photographer: Paul Wetherell
Model: Hannelore Knuts
Fashion Editor: Clare Richardson
"There absolutely must be a period in which the basics are drilled into the aspiring artist. In time there will come a moment when the values established by the glorious giants who have come before suddenly appear riddled with contradictions. One would be well served by struggling with those contradictions. If one struggles with the basics and plods steadily, painfully, forward, at some point one will discover a mode of judgement and a battle strategy that is entirely one’s own. Endless repetition and the study of classics. After that one may topple the establishment. It is the same as waging war. One must study intensively just as a warrior researches the strengths and weaknesses of the enemy in order to win in battle. Without preparation, a personal vision will remain forever beyond one’s grasp. The classics stand the test of time."

 [My Dear Bomb, Yohji Yamamoto, Excerpt]



  1. It makes sense he thinks classics is important when I saw his fashion.
    I love his dress's length are below knee and not low cut of color bone area.
    I like him more as I read about him more.He looks like very humble nice person. Thank you for sharing.

    I love your tumblr.I saw all archives.A lot of beautiful fashion photos.I just thought I wish I can design dresses!

  2. Beautiful fashion that must withstand the test of time is indeed classic. I love his words and his work.

  3. Agreed! I love the pictures!