13 March 2012

Take Me Away

A Windy Summer
Vogue Italia (May 1999)
Photographer: Peter Lindbergh
Styling: Anna Della Russo

From a time when editors and stylists were more known for their work than the loud outfits they wore.  I lament the fact that fashion weeks have become such a large circus, where attendees prance and perform in their costumes for the cameras.  Maybe I am alone in this, but during fashion week I want to see the show, not the audience.  When did the outfits off the runway eclipse the outfits on the runway?  And when did the personality eclipse the work?  Even if Anna Della Russo is the personality de rigueur for bloggers these days I would rather not see her plastered everywhere I turn, especially considering the fact that she used to dress much better in the past.  Her work is, or at least used to be, another matter entirely.  Although in this case, it is Peter Lindbergh who deserves the praise.



  1. My beloved Fernanda Tavares!

    If the jak & jil is anything to go by, it has gotten too ridiculous to me. That's why I preferred to see the Paris Vogue team over the others because they haven't changed. Not to say that I don't enjoy seeing ADR.

  2. Interesting, maybe fashion is as bad as the unpredictable tornadoes we have going on here.

    I dunno..from this I keep picturing the wind...

  3. It's like you've been reading my mind! I've been avoiding looking through all the fashion week(s) coverage for the very reason you state, it's become a circus. Wish we could go back to a simpler time...


  4. i haven't actually seen much of her work before, as you said she's always in front of the camera