17 March 2012

A Momentary Escape

What makes these special for me is the fact that they were never intended to be seen by anyone.  These are all paintings and drawings that Burton did over the years and simply stashed away in a cupboard or around the house.  A truly personal glimpse into the mind of an artist (I realize that word is thrown around all too easily these days, but here it really does apply).


  1. Wow, I wasn't expecting so much color. So interesting.

  2. Wow, Burton's art are wonderful!Beautiful color.I can tell he draws quickly without rough sketch.Looks like drawing is natural thing for him,never straggle.Nothing but fun. I like 5th one. I want to see original.Must be more vivid.I am inspired!Thank you for sharing:)

  3. wow. breathtaking. to be so talented...

    i love how colorful and spooky they are.

    Peter @ http://low--couture.blogspot.com

  4. They remind me of the illustrations on the Roald Dahl books. My favorite one was the cover for "The Witch."