22 February 2012

Turn It Up

Supersize Me
Interview Magazine
March 2011
Photographer: Craig McDean
Models: Chloe Memisevic & Valerija Kelava

I never really used to have the confidence to experiment with volume and proportions to any great level, but it has slowly become something I wish to better understand.  Colour and print can be very forgiving mediums, sometimes helping draw attention away from certain missteps in the exactitude of fit.  With monochrome you have less room for error.  However what you do find is an arena in which you can explore fit, silhouette, shape, proportion, drape and volume in a comparatively more focused and structured manner.  Approaching a garment void of the more conspicuous and polysemous applications of colours or prints and what one finds is, due to the absence of yet another layer of detail, that there is now a more refined area of focus.  I like the greater level of simplicity this allows, for in order to understand the fundamentals you have to start with the basics.  I suppose I find myself at the start of what should promise to be a fascinating journey.

You Already Knew - Black Star



  1. Oh man, in love with this b&w photography. Works so well with the shape and cuts of the garments!

  2. Simple tonal often reflect of something better