16 February 2012

A Dream

Shadow Puppets
Spring/Summer 2008
Photographer: Willy Vanderperre
Models: Anabela Belikova, Alana Zimmer, Kinga Rajzak

In life I try not to spend much time looking back.
In fashion it is sometimes as if all I ever do is look back.
I change, others change, memories change, the world changes.
 But the image and the idea remain.
And so I carry on looking back for inspiration.
The old gives way to the new.



  1. Oh wow,so romantic,beautiful and dreamy.I am fascinated totally.I really love this kind of world. Also inspired me a lot.
    Thank you to give me this feeling.

  2. Absolutely love the texture and layers in this editorial- especially the play of light and shadow. So beautiful and carefully constructed.

  3. The lighting in these is superb! I agree about looking back, but fashion has always been like that. Just when you think it's moving forward someone starts reinterpreting the 70s or the 90s. Cyclical.