31 January 2012

Work Clothes

Dries Van Noten

Hussein Chalayan

Kris Van Assche

Nicolas Ghesquière

Phoebe Philo

Rick Owens

Umit Benan

Yohji Yamamoto

I am one of those people who enjoys seeing what the designers themselves wear on their show days.  Unlike your Karl Lagerfelds of the world, most designers need to wear something comfortable that they can actually run around and work in - after all backstage is not usually the calmest place in the world.  I find that these invariably simple work outfits draw a far more intimate portrait of the designer as a person, as opposed to the designer as the designer.  These are clothes they work in, that they find practical, that they find personal.  Everything you need to know about them as a designer, you can see in their clothes.  But sometimes you want to know more about the actual person behind that label of designer.  It is not about having some romantic notion of the designer as great artist or genius (even if they do happen to fall into those categories), but rather about being interested in the creator of work you love.



  1. This is cool. I liked the semi-casual look. Especially, the blue sweater!

  2. Such an interesting post. Work clothes.

  3. I like seeing their shoes, too.

  4. Really some unique style in their individual taste.

  5. I find it fascinating that most designers have a uniform comprised of basics, contrasting all the craziness they create on the runway! Tom Ford's been doing his dark denim, white button down, black blazer for years. It makes me want to rethink my own wardrobe, but I feel like 12 years of private schooling has beaten the uniform out of me.

  6. KVA does it most masterfully! I love the idea of still looking beautiful in minimal work clothes; I find it disappointing to see people who look great dressed to the nines looking unelegantly disheveled on regular days; and the Karl Lagerfeld syndrome can also be quite tiring. Love this post, such great observations.

  7. i strongly agree with this, i find myself skipping to the final image when i'm getting a bit bored or zoning out on a collection. so true

  8. this is an awesome post! :)

    xx, Sabinna and David

  9. So true Syed. It's like equating the art with the artist. Does not happen. The designers of some of the most fabulous fashion are the most basic dressers. In fact, I love their personal "uniform", if that's what we choose to call it, because, as you said, it's a truer reflection of who they are as a person.

    I have said this on every post I have commented upon, but I love your writing. Succinct and honest. Hope to read lots more of you in this year. Hope you keep well.

  10. The funny thing is that designers always seem to wear the EXACT same outfit in their spare time. Don't whhy though.

    www.thedecciie.com - for the shallow

  11. Haha, you do this too! My fave designers to stalk are Anna Sui and the Mulleavy sisters... Anna because she tends to wear almost the same clothes she makes, just black on black, and the Mulleavys because they tend to look nothing like their creations. Most designers, I've noticed, tend towards black just like artists do. Hmmmm...


  12. This is cool. I liked the semi-casual look. Especially, the blue sweater!