27 October 2011

A Reminder

Hedi Slimane

Melanie Ward

Katy England

Hussein Chalayan

Nicolas Ghesquière

Veronique Branquinho

The Influnce
Self Service #13
Fall/Winter 2000
Anuschka Blommers / Niels Schumm

It is odd to think that these portraits were shot over a decade ago.
Today it would seem that just yesterday was a long time ago in fashion.
But someone has to be looking back.


Dior Homme
Fall/Winter 2002
by Hedi Slimane

The Daisy Age
The Face #22
July 1993
The 3rd Summer Of Love
Model: Kate Moss
Photographer: Corinne Day
Stylist: Melanie Ward
(admittedly long before the above portraits were shot, but who could resist?)

One In Ten
Women who have fought breast cancer and won
17th November 2000
Photographer: Nick Knight
Stylist: Katy England

Hussein Chalayan
Fall/Winter 2002

Spring/Summer 2001
by Nicolas Ghesquière

Veronique Branquinho


  1. Nice collection of photos. I find them very inspiring. Thanks - now I can go get ready for work.

  2. Nicolas still looks the same. Just as I'm sure that Tom Ford will still look the same 10 years from now.

  3. moss & day photographs are stuff dreams are made of! great post.

  4. Loving these old photos. Some of the designers have barely changed in appearance! Love the early photos of Kate Moss.

  5. Whoa. Pretty much all of these designers except for Veronique look exactly the same. On a more shallow level, does this say something about classic haircuts?