31 October 2011

Dancing In The Dark

Fall/Winter 2011

"I was always alone, so I just let my imagination work.  I constantly tried to create beauty around me.  I had this sort of secret world in my head that didn't correspond to the environment in which I was.  I was constantly dreaming.  I still am."
- Ann Demeulemeester 

I have found myself looking through the current season of offerings from Ann Demeulemeester on quite a few occasions now.  I see, I go over, I touch, I look, I feel, I see something beautiful.  The clothes stay where they are, but at the same time they stay inside my mind, dancing in the darkness.  And so I find myself returning to them, reacquainting myself with them, as if we have long been friends.  But as I have been there, my eyes have been drawn each time to the other rail.  

The way the light sinks deep into black fur, finding a core of pure darkness.  And yet simultaneously it is as if that light has somehow been captured, rolling fluidly across the surface of that soft fur, encircling it in a warm embrace.  I see an intricate threading of lace through leather, a corset undone, its soft and pliable form belying its supposed function.  There is a belt, a bandoleer, loaded with black feathers, ammunition made to caress.  Leather, fur, silk, an almost primal sensuality.  I see a woman trying a piece on and in that moment she is not transformed, but rather something already within her is realized.  It is truly magical to behold.