30 September 2011


Photographer: Tom Allen
Models: Sam Buchdahi & Solomon

I have no wish to deprive fashion of the added allure and charm of colour, but I could perfectly well design a whole collection simply in black or white and express all my ideas to my complete satisfaction.  Colour cannot transform a failure of a dress into a success: it merely plays a supporting role in the cast where the cut is the star performer.
- Christian Dior, Dior by Dior, 1957

Black. White.
Purity not severity.
A beguiling simplicity.
There is no hiding - line is everything.
I'm back to the starting blocks.
Explore, understand, refine.


  1. I think this utopian collection would definitely be worth making and showing. Love these pictures.

  2. Such a great flow. Love the long jackets.

  3. I like the models first names..it just adds something to the whole thing.

  4. I couldn't agree more Syed. Of course I say this and love prints, colour and texture but then again I feel most of the time I resemble a 4 year old nursery cut and paste collage. Doesn't mean I don't appreciate (and kind of envy) black and whites perfect simplicity.

  5. I've always been more of a sucker for textiles and tailoring than print and color (though the latter has tempted me as well). I believe Yohji loves b&w so as not to distract from the details of his tailoring and I'm guessing it's why the majority of Japanese and Belgian designers prefer a blank canvas.

  6. Oh my goodness! These are very beautiful! The mohair/ cashmere/ ? jumper on the fellas is a superb bit of texture! Lovely, lovely!