25 July 2011


Swedish Kittens
Stockholm Magazine
Fall/Winter 2011
Photographer: Andreas Öhlund
Models: Mona Johannesson and Bo Develius

It might be the middle of Summer, but I am already on the lookout for cosy knitwear (and a Norwegian Forest kitten).



  1. I love that model guy's name..now that's character. If I could only thing sweaters..but its far to hot here to even think it.

  2. I love the texture of these sweaters. If only it would cool off some for a sweater.

  3. Very nice!! :) The models look fantastic too!

  4. I love cosy knits. I'm always finding myself pining after pullovers and cardigans, only to remember that there are very few days out of the year that I could comfortably wear a knit, it being so hot here.

    Awh. I've been missing having cats a lot these days. Both my parents are allergic, and as long as I'm living at home I have to wait on getting a kitten. Luckily, one of my best friends just adopted an adorable grey kitten, so I can visit her when I'm missing my cats.

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  6. So so good! I've always been more into A/W than S/S, though weatherwise I prefer summer. But then again, it hasn't been all too summery in the UK these past months, so these photos are actually quite appropriate. I will never tire of knitwear, regardless of the season!

  7. As comfy as knitwear is I really just want the summer to go on forever !! ^^
    But these ads are really nice !