5 July 2011

Limi's Girls

Fall/Winter 2011

Yohji does fantasy, Limi does reality.  Even now comparisons seem somewhat unavoidable, but sometimes I think they can overshadow her work.  This was one of the collections where all I saw was Limi.  Masculine meets feminine, with some serious street cool (...and pink hair, I really do love pink hair).



  1. i actually really like this line?
    the hair and make up are perfect.. but i agree totally masculine un structured and layers. but totally chic!

    fashion provocateur.

  2. I'm not sure. Its like I could have gone into my grandparents closet and pieced it together..which is kind of cool. Although, I'm not sure how practical that would be.

  3. I LOVE THIS. and it's weird. it's awesommme

  4. I love that pink/ mauve hair in the first photo - I'd love to have that! The long pleated black skirt is also something I would get a lot of wear out of!

  5. A few things to note about miss Limi

    1. Both she and her dad know good hats (refer to your current Serpico post)

    2. Why don't all those dumb Wangites dress like this?

    3. Oh wait that's because they are not intellectual library card holding girls that a Limi girl inevitably is. (in the nicest, possibly sexy way possible)

    4. I could go straight for a Limi girl.

    And now I've thoroughly embarrassed myself, in public and on your lovely blog so I better go back to working on this damn spreadsheet...