9 June 2011

Takahashi's Dolls

BBV (But Beautiful V)
Fall/Winter 2006

"Why did I cover everything up? There was no reason, except to efface all feeling, like a destroyed doll."
"...covering the body...looked very scary but beautiful at the same time"
(Jun Takahashi)

P.S. The Tusken Raider was not actually part of the collection. He got lost on holiday whilst in Paris, and somehow managed to sneak into the show and watch it from the back, nodding along in approval.

Waiting For The End (Glitch Mob Remix) - Linkin Park



  1. For a second I was thinking it was the N(N) finale. Of course I'm a sucker for anything where models' faces are obscured. I'll have to start looking into Undercover.
    -ps. Love so much that you included the tusken raider! :) They don't get enough credit for being quite the style icons.

  2. Wow! The masks distracted me at first (and yes, they are a bit scary Mr. Takahashi) but then the clothes make themselves known and they really are very wearable. The Tusken Raider - I hope he has some conversational French to get by on in Paris!

  3. There's so much layering and so many details, a lot of it feels overwhelming and stifling to me but I appreciate having that reaction. I always appreciate a strong reaction to a runway show, particularly if it involves a little claustrophobia.

    The bandaged heads remind me of voodoo dolls.

  4. Baha! I was totally thinking "Tusken Raiders" the whole time, and then saw the picture at the end. Love it when people are on the same wavelength...