1 May 2011

Sunday Viewing: Hiroki Nakamura

Hiroki Nakamura

I would normally write up my thoughts on the current collection, but to be honest, I just wanted to share this video.  I always enjoy hearing designers talk about their work and processes.  I find it interesting to hear Nakamura talk about pushing traditional fabrics and designs into a new realm through the use of the latest techniques and manufacturing technology.  Upon first glance, the emphasis he places on such modernity is perhaps at odds with the aesthetic of the label, but then you realize that it is the core of his design philosophy, and something I greatly admire.  To push it to the furthest extreme, I have yet to really explore the use of hi-tech fabrics and techniques in fashion (Stone Island's Shadow Project or Acronym come to mind), however I find Nakamura's focus on fabrics and construction fascinating.

As for questions about the huge rise in prices over the past few years, I will leave you with the oft remarked phrase many believe Nakamura is actually thinking when he talks about the justification - "F*ck you, I raise prices".  And why not.  Higher prices fuel exclusivity factor, which in turn seems to fuel desirability.  Although I have to admit that although I admire Visvim from afar, I can never quite make it work for me.  Actually, that being said, part of me still wants a pair of Visvim Kiefers because I find Converses so unbearably painful.

Spring/Summer 2011
featured in SENSE



  1. Thanks for the reminder. Now, I tend not to listen to men who wear sunglasses inside but I make the exception for Nakamura.

  2. Amazing looks!
    Fabulous post, DK!
    Happy May Day!


  3. It's cool to listen and see other designers and their experiences.

  4. mmm. your posts are always so well-written, even the ones as simple as this. and you find the besttt, coolest collections

  5. Nice looks!


  6. Love the layers and the Native American Indian thing goin on here. The blues are so pretty!