29 April 2011

Hiroshi Hashiguchi

for oki-ni

The oki-ni STYLED features can be a little hit-or-miss for me, so I was pleasantly surprised by the latest in their series, styled by Hiroshi Hashiguchi.  I rather enjoyed the intimacy of the spread, as well as the decision to shoot in black and white, because it really helped to focus in on the textures.  I also rather liked the model's hair, especially for the contrast it provided in terms of textures against the garments in the close-up shots.  Then again, it could just be a case of hair envy (I am growing mine out after all and it is slow going, or growing, as the case may be). 

I have had my eye on the Silent Jenolan jacket in the first photograph for a while now, but as always seems to be the case, my size sells out immediately, so I fear I may not be able to get it until one comes up for sale second hand.  I also really liked the look of the cold dyed hooded long coat by Boris Bidjan Saberi, particularly given how softly it was styled, as opposed to that slightly aggressive vibe that pervaded his latest collection.  Although admittedly with a collection that started off with an inspiration of blood, after Saberi cut himself, it is perhaps not all that surprising that the collection had such a sharp quality.  Let alone the fact that there were skaters on a ramp behind the models as they walked out.

I found the photographs below on Hashiguchi's blog, and was immediately taken by them.  Surprise, surprise, it could be because they remind me of Yohji, but there is certainly a beautiful simplicity to them.  And I really do love lace-ups on women.



  1. I saw the Bill Cunningham documentary last night. I really think you should go see it - his viewpoints on fashion are so refreshing. He very poignantly says a lot of what I think but never voice. I'm such a giant fan now.

  2. Oh yeah, I lost the S2A ring during a very drunk brunch. :(

  3. As usual very nice.

  4. androgynous perfection. love your new layout too!

  5. I own a couple of men's jackets... for some reason I like the fit of them better than all the tucks and pinning of women's jackets sometimes.

    The cuffs on the fourth look are perfect.


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