9 April 2011


(Palouse pant)

Sunshine and black send my camera's exposure haywire, but these are actually the deep black version.  They are made in a far more substantial cotton than my Sagami hoody from SS10, with different zips and softer pulls as well.  The slub cotton has a really interesting feel - rough and knobbly in texture, but beautifully soft to the touch.  Plus organic fabrics are always a bonus (on which note I would definitely recommend Muji's bio organic cotton).  I was tempted by some of this season's Rick Owens sweatpants, but the jersey is a little too thin for my liking, and they are also cut slightly too wide for my legs.  The cut on these is slim with a long crotch and curved seat (I suppose technically it would be a drop crotch, but it is not cut as wide around the seat).

If I must be in a hospital bed, I would like to do so in style and comfort. 

Now, if only I had the money for one of the mainline Krypte infinity cardigans.



  1. i can see you in these for sure

  2. i would also love an infinity cardigan. your great-grandfather looks like such a G! you should try out that facial hair, haha. (kidding; that stache is outta control!) he really does seem cool, though.

  3. Gotta wanna lookit my blogs, girl, for that’s the only Way outta the zooillogical angst: stop your 'whorizontal lemming' behavior and follow the vertical out of this finite existence. God blessa youse -Fr. Sarducci, ol SNL