26 March 2011


Spring/Summer 2011
Campaign Photographs

'The Protagonist'
(images via Homme Model)

"If fashion is clothes, then it is not indispensable.  But if fashion is a way of looking at our daily lives, then it is very important indeed." - Yohji Yamamoto

Colour blocking, buck shoes, Vibram Christy soles, fisherman sweaters, Breton stripes, deck shoes, those Pradas, camouflage prints, animal prints, Americana revival, chambray shirts, washed denim, chore coats, sweatpants dressed up, cuffed chinos, dropped crotches, midnight blue suits, linen everything, desert boots, long on top with the sides and back buzzed.  The list goes on and on.  Sometimes it is as if there is too much noise without anything actually being said.  And if there is, it is drowned out.  Everything needs to be new, everything needs to be exciting, but most of all - everything needs to make money.  Aesthetic expression is not free, it is subject to the whims of the market.  A designer who is unable to sell, is unable to design for very long.  You look at what is being sold and you wonder whether the people buying it really know what they are buying.   

There is too much anxiety around the idea of being 'in fashion'.  You worry about that and you lose sense of your own style, but more importantly, you lose sense of yourself.  You see people dressed in impersonal uniforms, clothing that does not reflect them but rather the latest hot trend, all in the guise of fashion.  People worrying about wearing what everyone else is wearing.  The term fashion anxiety was used to describe that nervous energy the crowd has outside a fashion show - it is the fear that what they are wearing now will soon no longer be relevant.  Thoughtful spending is replaced by flash consumerism.  Something bought today only to be replaced tomorrow.  You see all those different faces, but dressed in the exact same thing - changing day-to-day, absolutely terrified that one day they will slip up and be left behind - no longer in fashion.   

I want to react and engage on a personal level.  It needs to be visceral, emotional, and intimate.  Give me shape, silhouette and texture.  Give me something subtle, something intricate, something thoughtful, something personal.  I have to see something in that garment that goes beyond the garment.  A feeling, an understanding, a sense of self.  Forget about trends, forget about what is hot, forget about what is 'in'.  Find what speaks to you, what moves you, what you love.  Forget about fashion, think about style.  Forget about what they are wearing, think about what you are wearing.  What do you want to wear?  It is a simple question, but one that many people never seem to be able to answer.    

Take a step back.  It is far more simple than we are led to believe.  Wear something that makes you smile.  Wear something that makes you feel like you.  Wear something that fits.  Wear something appropriate to the situation.  There - you did it.  I'll come and join you.

P.S.  Not sure what the images have to do with what I wrote, but I really like them.  Plus it gives people who don't really read my posts something to comment on.  My sincerest apologies for not being able to catch up with all of your wonderful blogs and emails, my health has been pretty erratic as of late.  I will try to get around to it as soon as I possibly can.  Mad love.



  1. Fashion anxiety itself sounds so vulnerable and revealing that its almost a kind of beautiful. Its moving in a way that is pitiful.

  2. I liked so much of this but the floppy hat.

  3. So cool!
    I went to Emory (check out the first pic)!


  4. First off, wonderful post.
    I'm a firm believer in personal style over what's currently popular in fashion. If it expresses who you are, if you find it aesthetically pleasing, an if it fits you properly then it's perfect. You shouldn't worry about wearing what everyone else is wearing. Everyone needs a sense of self and fashion is one of the greatest ways to express that.

    Second: The two cardigans in the photos! They're lovely. I may have said this before, but I think I have a bit of a cardigan addiction.

    Third: It always makes me sad hearing about you being ill. Feel better soon, and stay better! Sending smiles your way :)

  5. Ah after reading your wonderful words, I had to go back and look at those images because I'd completely forgotten them! I'm really loving that holey sweater.

    I agree about not wearing the trends because they're in. It's wasteful isn't it when you don't know how much wear you'll get out of them. Anyhow, I always love your writing and I just love that last paragraph. I couldn't agree more!

  6. those are some beautiful men forget the clothes! haha

    <3 hope you're well mister

  7. i love the striped-y cardigan. haha and somehow, there is some sense of consistency between your words and the pictures. of course, trends and the fashion world are fun, but i totally agree... you should wear what you like. otherwise, what's the point?

  8. Couldn't agree more. They do say that most women dress for other women, not for themselves, which is very true. It's odd that something as personal as clothing ends up being a reflection of what the fashion media has deemed to be trendy rather than a reflection of your personal taste or preference. I'm sure to some degree we all embrace something that is currently trendy but that suits are tastes, but it can get out of hand and I think celebrities with their constantly changing borrowed red carpet clothes don't help either.

    I do think Yohji got it right when he decided not to display his pieces at the V&A in chronological order because he deems his work as timeless.

    Hope your health is ok and that you're doing well!

  9. I really like those ads ! Plus, I like your posts, the way you write !

  10. Thanks for sharing these thoughts! I like your approach to thinking about simplifying the thought process of dressing.

    You make it sound so easy, and yet it remains very hard at times to separate your love of something you see on someone else and the meaning of wearing it for yourself.

    This sort of makes me wonder about the meaning of trends in the first place. Are we all supposed to actually have such unique individuality in the first place? Is there also something beautiful about conformity and a uniform?

    As someone who always strove to carve out the individual, I also imagine people taking comfort in mimicry or the anonymity of blending in.

    Just some ramblings. Nice blog, and I'm interested to keep reading!

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