9 March 2011

Hair Inspiration

Will Lewis of Red Models

I cut my hair off two Summers ago because I needed a change.  Having kept it 'parent friendly' since, I once again feel the need for a change.  I have decided to grow my hair out, and would ideally like a length that reaches just past my shoulders.  My hair is considerably short at the moment, so I have decided to leave it untouched for the next six months to give me a good base to work from.  During the growing process maintenance will be key, so I anticipate having to book hairdresser appointments religiously every eight weeks to get it trimmed and shaped, getting into a proper conditioning and hair mask routine, as well as investing in a new boar bristle hair brush.  I have also decided to try to grow a full beard, the process for which is thankfully shorter, however to get started I have to forgo shaving for at least four to six weeks.

I will no doubt end up looking rather rough (well, rougher than usual) for the near future, and may have to live in a hat, but dedication is key.



  1. Sounds like a winter thing to do. But its natural..and hairy...=)

  2. So love that last picture. You sound focused. All the best.

  3. it's bloody tough so look luck to you. i had a beard and shaved it off about two weeks back and i regretted it majorly. so did my gf. sadly i can't grow much hair, it's not like i'm bald or anything but i have proper receders and curly find hair so when it grows it's basically a brown mist above my bonce. not a great look, flyaway comes to mind. hope yours ends up like these though, that would be wicked.

    oh, my beard doesn't grow full either, doesn't really joint up to my hair. i guess it works for me

  4. I'm sure it will look wonderful!
    I can only imagine the amount of dedication it must take to grow a full beard. (seeing as I'm incapable of growing facial hair *knocks on wood*).

  5. Sounds like a lot of work, but in the end it could be an interesting look!


  6. great photos. haha you have such a specific plan! i love it. best of luck.

    p.s. i looove twitterr


  8. Beard power!
    Grow it out!

    I always appreciate it when my 'werk' has as a positive influence, especially when it moves someone to embrace their natural state as beautiful and comfortable!
    Thank You!