7 March 2011

The Dark Side

I want a pair of Rick Dunks and some swinger pants

Gareth in Rick - how it should be done

These Gareth Pugh boots to go with my Helmut Lang bondage shirt please

Ann Demeulemeester + Lace = Heck yeah

I still want an armour ring

(above images via Jak and Jil)

My older brother in Kris Van Assche



  1. I'm digging the Kris Van Asche boots. I love Rick and Gareth's work, and the gothic/dark/scary but beautiful aesthetic.


  2. WOW! Incredible shooots!


  3. I like Gareth Pugh, more so his fall collections, but not the too gothy stuff though. His slashed leather dresses or sometimes in chiffon they break my heart. Ann D is one of those designers that is always great, and you have an idea of what to expect from her. I'm casually looking for my Ann D piece, though I will probably start out with the "poor man's version" @ All Saints.
    I'm so jealous of your older brother! I'm jealous of anyone wearing KVA, I've tried...and I just can't make his stuff fit me.

  4. Prêt: The only issue I have with Ann is her sizing! I can be anywhere from an XXS to a Small. I have a rather nice black longsleeve from her with shirt cuffs and horn buttons - simple, but reminds me of what I love about her work.

  5. Totally amazing footware and outfits..such details!!

  6. I can believe you about Ann's wonky sizing, just going by what I've seen on ebay listings. Though some of her silhouettes look like they could be one-size-fits-all.

    I just can't luck out with the "good stuff" in my size on yoox. I wouldn't mind to find a cool darkshadow jacket, the leather in RO is not practical for my climate, Lilies seems too "precious", so I think denim can take the abuse it'd go through with me!

    -ps. I typed armor ring in ebay, and a lot came up. One just like a simpler version of the middle finger one in the picture.