18 March 2011


I live close to a train station, so the faint sound of trains is oddly comforting



  1. i know what you mean, i used to live on a main road but when a bus went over the speed bump the house moved. i still liked it.

    i totally agree with you on the all saints situ, i'm not really a fan on the whole, it's the way people seem to wear it so obviously and also the majority of people that shop there but there's a bit of hope. it's way overpriced and the copying thing is tricky. i mean who can afford the top brands anyway, not that i'm comparing them that closely.

    it's for the total mainstream and i'd be embrassed to wear a lot of it. but so of the plain stuff i wouldn't say no to.

  2. me and my grandparents all live next to the train line