27 February 2011

The Colours of Light

"According to the traditional Japanese interpretation, architecture is always one with nature, and it attempts to isolate and fix, at a point of time, nature as it exists in its organic metamorphoses.  In other words, it is an architecture reduced to the extremes of simplicity, and an aesthetic so devoid of actuality and attributes that it approached theories of "mu", or "nothingness".  Connections with nature are effected by subtle transformations caused in part by delicate contrasts of light and shade.  In these connections it is the wall, made as light and thin as possible, that permits - or, more accurately, evokes - space."
- Tadao Ando

Imagine if you could find that with clothing.

How wonderful it would be.



  1. I love the details of these pictures!!! I think they show what you're saying with the quote.

    Be safe

  2. If only..with fashion. But as if is..the norm has a certain body type..and nature sometimes has curves that aren't shown on the runway.

  3. beautiful pictures
    can i ask what book these are from?

  4. Catherine: They're from 'Tadao Ando: The Colours of Light' by Richard Pare.

  5. re: true soy milk is pretty good :P so thats... good ^^

    Love the architecture! And the pictures OF the architecture :P