22 January 2011

Watch This Space

(Takahiro Miyashita had one heck of a swansong with Number (N)ine, but thankfully he is back with The Soloist)

Dear Readers,

I have been struggling the past few months.  I got to a stage where I pretty much just gave up, I was trying my hardest and it was not enough, and my body broke down over Christmas.  I have been trying to put myself back together again but it is not the easiest process.  I always told myself that I would stop blogging once it became a chore and I did not enjoy it anymore.  Whilst the first is true, the latter is not.  Ann Demeulemeester says that designing is always a difficult process for her, and yet she preservers, because it is in her nature, and my does she do a beautiful job.  I do not intend to stop blogging, however I do need a break, because I have to fix myself.

See you soon.

Love you all,