21 October 2010

Pull It Together

Moncler - KZO - Lanvin - Silent by Damir Doma - Maison Martin Margiela - Silent by Damir Doma - Liberty - Clarks Originals - Ann Demeulemeester

functionality - comfort - romanticism - elegance - minimalism - silhouette - colour - subversion - protection

I have long held a fascination with the darker side of dress, however I have never really felt comfortable wearing it.  Rather paradoxically perhaps, I have always felt more at ease with wearing bright colours.  I think it can sometimes be easier to hide behind something loud, rather than truly focus on silhouette and texture where there is an absence of colour (particularly the case where my fluctuations in weight make it hard for me to find clothing that fits).  For the past few months I have had something of an odd new-found confidence and comfort in wearing darker colours.  As I have already stated, it has long been a fascination of mine (my admiration for the likes of Yohji Yamamoto, Ann Demeulemeester and Rick Owens are no secret), so I suppose it is the fruition of a part of my character rather than some newly formed taste. 

Change in life and character reflects deeply in dress, because it is always an expression by virtue of being a result of a conscious decision (even where uniform is concerned, the method of wearing it becomes the decision).  I feel that this selection reflects a meeting point of two or more different aspects of my own personal tastes.  Although, I would like to think it suggests that they are possibly not as polarised as one may initially be tempted to consider.  I suppose dress at any one moment is a way of reconciling the differences within to produce a coherent sense of personal identity, regardless of how that notion varies from day to day.

Some days I want to wear colourful patterns and prints executed on cosy flannels, soft cashmeres and warm wools.  Some days I want to pull on a sharply cut suit decorated with pocket square and lapel pin, crisp white shirt, bow tie and polished leather shoes.  And some days I just want to conjure up a swirling mass of black jersey, dyed mohair, boiled wool, raw linen and blistered leather, to protect me from the world.  However it is not an act of hiding, but rather an act of embracing.

That being said, for now - just give me a staff to support my weight and a cloak to keep the chills away.

Currently playing: Ever Rest ft. Joel Cadbury - UNKLE



  1. I adore this selection. Great shoes and love the darks.

  2. Awesome and very well needed as the weather gets colder.

  3. i think marrying the two sides is more up your street, it's more me too. that being said i did wear all black today

  4. "swirling mass of black jersey, dyed mohair, boiled wool, raw linen and blistered leather" such a beautiful, mysterious image that I wish could be recreated by Harry Clarke. You can always add something "lovely" like that black (denim?) flower brooch, or those black butterflies that Kris Van Assche put all over the Dior Homme shop in Paris that one season (or maybe they're still there, who knows??)
    I wish you better days ahead.

  5. Absolutely gorgeous selections, dear! I adore the way you usually choose bright colors, and I think a combination of brights with darks would maybe ease you into it a little! (I could TOTALLY see you wearing that cardigan, dear!).
    Lovely post - I'm always amazed by the way you write so vividly.

  6. You shouldn't hide behind your clothes, anyways! I love the second look with the cardigan. It'd be nice dressed up with a dark skinny tie.

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